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204482 - Goddess Castratix wants to play with you!

Well, you fucking loser?! Is it particularly difficult for you not to pick up your useless cock? Your primitive urges simply tempt you too often, it's like an addiction how often and for how long you jerk off now, isn't it?! You are already suffering enormously physically and mentally from your compulsion to jerk off and every little stimulus automatically becomes a trigger, be it a short skirt, the imperious voice of a femme or a provocative cleavage... you are a real victim of your urges! But I know exactly how we can help you! I want to calm you down and I've already found the right thing for that, the elastrator! You will also get such a nice tool to play my endurance game with me. Nothing has to be final at the beginning, but your curiosity grabs you. My game sounds very simple, makes you horny and really kicks you! Your desire for improvement becomes greater...go ahead, play the ************ game with me! Hahahahaha ©