All clips in the ballbusting archive 12/2013

157426 - Chili CBT Treatment

From my kitchen I have brought a dried, large red chili pepper for a fiery hot chili CBT treatment. The submissive slave dick starts to drip directly from sheer joy. The spiciness of the chili unfolds slowly but intensely. Probably this submissive has long dreamed secretly that I take his „cock“ in my hand. Whether he has imagined among other things a burning piss hole fuck?


182941 - Lady Scarlet - Male pride

This piece of sh_t took the liberty of addressing me informally in front of my friend, a great disrespect that deserves exemplary punishment. I chained him by the wrists to the two side walls and he is standing here in front of me ready to get kicked in the balls with all my anger. After a few kicks his little cock pops out of the underwear, it's so ridiculous that I take them off: I want to see his balls well as they explode under my blows. I promised him a hundred kicks and he counts as my boots hit him from behind too. He makes a mistake counting and then I add another 30. Now I want to feel his balls explode with my bare feet, I take off my boots and hit him harder and harder. His balls are red and huge and for the last few kicks I tie a red strap to his balls and pull him as if it were a leash: I really think he won't allow himself to address me informally anymore...