All clips in the ballbusting archive 09/2013


ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I am wearing a beautiful pair of leather combat boots and I will have fun using them with my slave. I start to let him lick the soles, but I will absolutely not allow him to be able to lick the skin. These boots will not give him pleasure, but I will use them to destroy his balls. In fact, the goal I have set myself with this slave is to make him completely impotent. So I get him up and start hitting his useless balls hard. The boots that arouse him so much will cause him so much pain today. He falls to the ground several times and each time he has to thank me by kissing my boots, but he must immediately get back on his feet because I have to complete my work with him. After a long series of powerful kicks he finally collapses to the ground begging for my mercy. For today he is granted, but his fate is sealed. Over the next few days I will continue to kick him in the balls until his little dick has no more erections!


182865 - Exclusive Annabelle Femdom 2

The evil and beautiful Annabelle returns for her second femdom clip and as always this results in a real massacre. Looking like Lara Croft she firstly orders Cucciolo to do push-ups, increasing the pressure by pressing down with her boots and even standing full weight on his his back. Then she makes him test the strength of his abs by walking and stomping on his stomach leaving deep marks with her rough soles. Next she starts a rain of incredible hard kicks right to his groin. She finishes him off by walking, stomping, and even jumping on his cock and balls. Yet another outrageous femdom and ballbusting clip you really can't afford to miss!