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183388 - Miss Courtney - I am in Charge of Your Orgasm (1080p MP4)

Miss Courtney came back to the dungeon and found one of her slaves sniffing her So Kate Louboutins and wanking his dick. Can you imagine ? He was supposed to be cleaning the shoes instead. Of course Miss Courtney is not happy and very disappointed.She has asked the slave when did he last cum and it turns out it was yesterday, so obviously the slave can not be trusted to be in charge of his own orgasm, so Miss Courtney needs to be in charge of that. So from now on every day the slave is going to come in the dungeon and the Mistress will milk his cock, so he can focus on what it is she is asking him to do. He is useless when his balls are full of sperm apparently.The most important part of his life is serving his Goddess. The slave will be allowed to lick the soles of the boots, but only the soles before he gets his cock punished by the luxurious Suede Knee High Pointy Toe Boots of Miss Courtney. As you know she loves expensive boots and shoes.So basically Miss Courtney starts using her boots on his cock pretty much at after about 5 minutes of the clip and this lasts until the end when the slave asks for permission to cum. You can enjoy some jerking also and nice cumshot. Apparently he can't hold off too much his orgasm and it didn't take too much time for Miss Courtney to empty his balls by the end of the clip. He is begging to cum. Even after he did a cumshot the Mistress didn't stop the jerking, but kept going for a few more seconds despite the fact it's very painful for the slave.You can enjoy really nice camera angles and close ups.