All clips in the ballbusting archive 05/2020

160042 - Ball torture under the tree

The slave toy is tied to a tree and completely at our mercy. Lady Adora and I then take a look at what the slave has in his pants! As expected: a disappointment! Since we can not help it we'll have to beat on his pathetic balls instead! Tying his balls nice and tight so they can't escape gives us the most fun! They quickly turn blue and the slave screams. We had better keep him quiet by stuffing his mouth with one of his socks!



ITALIAN LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST - She dressed as she wants, the slavecompletely naked.She called him her slave because she wants to practice achieving perfection in kicking the balls.The slave knows nothing about it and will tell him while she gives him a footjob.For the footjob I would like you to be on the bed with her sideways to the slave and make him squirt with her beautiful 10 fingers.So during the footjob she reveals her desire for her to the slave: she wants to reach perfection and get to give him 50 perfect kicks in the balls.She then has the slave positioned in ballbusting position.She then begins to kick him in the balls, but the count must go on only if she is really satisfied with the kick she has just given, in terms of style, of the noise of the balls (in this regard, orders the slave not to emit groan or the count will not go on), etc, in short, if she considers her kick perfect then she will count it, otherwise not.All this until the perfect number 50 kick is reached.Reached the goal, the last of very powerful kicks to really hurt and send the slave to the ground.Finish with victory pose satisfied with her perfect ball kicks.