All clips in the ballbusting archive 07/2014

183904 - Exclusive Laurianne Trampling 1

Another newbie, the beautiful Laurianne tramples Cucciolo's stomach, chest, face, cock and balls under her sneakers and socks. She is a sporty girl full of energy who, in the tradition of our recent newbies, has no fear or hesitation towards crushing a man underfoot and that includes his cock!


181637 - Gingerale - CBT Footrest with Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Gingerale just loves playing with male slaves and today the fun continues. Basically this is a continuation from the previous 2 clips you can find on our store. The Goddess already used the slave's pathetic head as a human furniture, also his face as a seat and now it's time for something different.The Goddess went to the shop to buy some food and the slave was left alone. So what he did. He fell asleep on the bed which is absolutely forbidden for him, but he didn't know that.When Gingerale comes back home she's not happy at all, so the slave is instructed to lay down on the floor where he belongs, so the Goddess can rest her feet on his face and balls. Basically this is what happens almost the entire clip. She ignores him from time to time, but she realised at some point during the clip that she could have some fun with his cock and balls by putting some pressure all over them with her nice beautiful flip flops.You can enjoy some small penis humiliation as Gingerale compares the size of the banana with the slave's penis which is quite pathetic for him, but it's fun for her. Almost at the end of the clip the slave is asking the Goddess for permission to cum, but she really doesn't listen to him and suddenly he just did have a cumshot. Gingerale couldn't believe how pathetic the slave is by laughing at him and just left him out there in his own mess.You can enjoy very nice camera angles, full body and close ups.