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I'm home tonight and I want to vent my sadism with the slave who just made me dinner. Inspired by the situation in the kitchen, I had him lie down naked next to my sofa and I slipped his cock into the handle of the cutting board that he just used to cook. It is very convenient because I have a comfortable board against which to crush that soft cock and I immediately start sinking my heels into it. He suffers and complains as I focus on his balls and cock with all my cruelty also helping me with other tools like this little wheel that reminds me of the one used to cut homemade ravioli... I let him take off my shoes and continue barefoot using my feet like a rolling pin that rolls out the dough on the cutting board. I'm really enjoying myself and I sit on his cock and crush it with my butt too, I want to use my whole body to disintegrate his cock! But I saved the best for the finale: a wooden ladle whose strokes will be the coup de grace for this unfortunate slaveĀ…


184012 - Garden Of Eden - Worm Cock

The garden of Eden is the name for the earthly paradise in which two goddesses reign. To be allowed to enter the divine realm and stay, each sub must pay tribute. Mother earth of the garden of Eden demands submissive sacrifice and Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie take care of that. Worms are excellent soil conditioners. They loosen the soil, recycle plant residues and they produce valuable soil additives for the plants. A worm's cock also makes an appearance in the garden of Eden. By watering abundantly and trampling the worm thoroughly, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie provide improved soil structure.