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27124 - Ballbusting tease

Keeping that slave hanging on the edge not knowing when a a hard whip of my riding crop hits his raw behind, a hard kick between the legs. He doesn’t know what’s coming



ITALIAN LANGUAGEI am an important business woman, I have an important role of responsibility in a major company and for some time I have taken on an assistant slave. This is a loser who would have liked to work in my company, but being an inept I wanted to give him the opportunity to be my slave. However, this does not mean that it is an easy job, having to fulfill every wish of a woman like me could prove to be much more difficult than working in the company. In fact, this nullity commits one mistake after another, but today it has really been overcome. I summon him to my office and he shows up dressed in a tracksuit, t-shirt and sneakers. I ask him how he allowed himself to be dressed like this at work, but the jerk just can't understand the gravity of having presented himself so dressed in front of a woman of my elegance. So I decide to have him stripped of his filthy rags and start kicking him in the balls, after having slaughtered him well I throw him out of my office. If he has a bit of a brain, but I doubt it, next time he will be dressed more decently, or if he really wants to lose his useless balls, he has found out what he has to do for this to happen and I assure you that if you should see him dressed again in that way I would definitely castrate him with the strength of my powerful feet alone.