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28238 - Mistress Agnes Doe and Faith - smoking ballbusting and whipping

Finally another shooting session with Mistress Agnes Doe. In this clip, Agnes was dressed in a hot red lingerie, bra and panty with garterbelts... She left Faith to clean the house but found him looking at porn magazines and masturbating. For this, she thought of several corporal punishments to destroy him. First she started smoking and made him be her human ashtray. Then she made him lick her boots and smell them, giving him kicks on his cock and balls with her boots and bare feet. At the end, she also put a ballgag in his mouth and kicked him badly with her feet in the cock and balls. Surely Faith learned his lesson.Action : ass addiction, ballbusting training, smoking domination, cock stroking, foot fetish, foot worship, feet licking, boots worship, boots cleaning, garterbelts, whipping, kicking, cbt, human ashtray....