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160858 - CBT Syringe Pisshole stingy Cleaning

I bought a syringe to get a deep fast flush of your nuts down your pisshole. Our first experience with them, we will begin with a deep thorough cleansing with a water and astringent solution to flush over and over all that vile icky germs out of your cock. I will load up my syringe show you how to place it right in your cock hole and flushing raipid water streams of liquid that will be a sizzling stingy sensation. This technique will need to be used after every future session with me. What ever I deem doable to torment your cock in the future, you will have to repeat the process shared right here to day to keep you dick healthy and rinsed out. We should leave any type of products in it over night, but this is gonna get spicy! This is just the beginning.