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204482 - Goddess Castratix wants to play with you!

Well, you fucking loser?! Is it particularly difficult for you not to pick up your useless cock? Your primitive urges simply tempt you too often, it's like an addiction how often and for how long you jerk off now, isn't it?! You are already suffering enormously physically and mentally from your compulsion to jerk off and every little stimulus automatically becomes a trigger, be it a short skirt, the imperious voice of a femme or a provocative cleavage... you are a real victim of your urges! But I know exactly how we can help you! I want to calm you down and I've already found the right thing for that, the elastrator! You will also get such a nice tool to play my endurance game with me. Nothing has to be final at the beginning, but your curiosity grabs you. My game sounds very simple, makes you horny and really kicks you! Your desire for improvement becomes greater...go ahead, play the ************ game with me! Hahahahaha ©


200664 - Goddess Castratix enlightenment

Now the idea of ​​************ using an elastrator is more appealing to you...but do you know how it works? In this clip I explain to you how to use the elastrator and how it is used in ************ and docking. I would also like to point out what anatomical differences there are between cattle and humans and why it is done the way it is! This clip contains a lot of insightful information and considerations leading up to implementation. I know that you are already very curious to see what I can tell you about this!


187142 - Cocktober, destroy your cock!

For some of you, October is "Locktober", you lock the useless appendage in a cage in an attempt to demonstrate your chastity...For my part, however, I prefer the destruction of your useless cock, as a cage offers too many loopholes and we don't want to risk that...So in this clip I show you a few methods to ruin your cock in a reliable way.I want the useless thing destroyed, every nerve cord and every good feeling in the tail should be completely deadened and demolished!That's what a loser like you deserves!You can get to work right away and get the utensils: a classic kitchen sponge with a rough and soft side, condoms, nettles and/or ginger and a stimulation current device.And the fun begins!Destroy your useless thing, I want you to ruin your cock so you'll never feel good about it again!