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169550 - Mistress NoirQueenie and Faith - Ballbusting and weights in leggings

Finally you can watch more clips with your favourite Goddess/Dominatrix: Noir Queenie!In the next 10 episodes (recorded from 2 angles with Samsungs22Ultra and a profesional camera) you can see her having fun and humiliating her gym classmate and her personal Ex-Boss, Faith......In this third episode, Mistress Noir Queenie was the trainer at the gym and Faith came to do private lessons with her. But these classes would take a different turn from everything Faith knew was going on at a gym. So after their first classes, today Faith was back for more bizarre training...Faith had to face the coach's new rules. That's because NoirQueenie let him know that she knew about him being a voyeur and that he was hanging around the women's locker room and sniffing their underwear and used underwear. In the lesson here Faith is subjected to kicks and direct blows to the cock and balls, a cbt and ballbusting to match his exploits. Episode 3All clips are recorded with profesional camera ( soon SamsungS22Ultra angle)