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194639 - Introducing to You Domina Jemma - Ignored CBT Bootrest with Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Let me introduce you to Domina Jemma today. Dressed in leather from head to toe she's sitting comfortably on the chair while having a slave at her mercy.The Goddess doesn't pay attention to him, just using his cock and balls as a boot rest for almost the entire clip. The slave is so weak and pathetic as he just did a cumshot after approximately two minutes of Goddess Jemma resting her boots on his penis. He didn't even ask for permission, but he thought after that The Goddess would stop, but nope. She continues doing some stuff on her phone while resting and crushing his small penis and empty balls.The slave is very quiet the entire clip, but you can see that he's definitely struggling and in pain. Goddess Jemma also doesn't talk the entire clip. She just says a few things to the slave only, but ignores him almost the whole time.You can enjoy full body angles and nice close ups.