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177505 - CBT with huge ball

Double dominatrix, creative team we are. You see what we do with the slave. Let's start by tying rope to the testicles and tail, really tight, then with the nipple with an interesting object and we will tie it tightly to this object with leather cord. If we provoke him with a vibrator, he gets very excited, but he is not allowed to come, then hot wax comes out, which we take some time to do. Then more equipment goes to nipple and glans, that's exactly where we'll tie to glans. Looks cool.


177481 - Big testicles with ballbusting

Double dominatrix Miss Alessa Milano and Miss Tirza, we are doing ballbusting with this slave. Slave wears gas mask and sits, we start with ballbust with heels and boots, very fetish. After that you can also use a whip. You'll like changing sitting positions and wearing heels again and again, just like the heel on the testicles.


145776 - Patient Seduction Part 3

With the unique sadistic smile, Doctor Vampira now carefully prepares the testicular infusion. The fixed patient is of course still immobilized by Popper's inhalation. In addition, there are other medical measures, such as the strict attachment of extremely painful clips to the nipples. Pathological masochism is also used with the administration of cannulas as the highest dose of nipple torture. The clinic experienced domina and nurse is the last hope for healing the latex slave. The CBT procedure with the nerve wheel is ongoing. But what makes the rubber sow horny to cum than a urethral fuck with the dilator and a FemDom hand job with latex gloves?