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79367 - Sounding training to eat sperm

A willing slave offered for a long time for a special kind of treatment.On the gyn chair I fucked his cock with the dilator and sank the metal rod repeatedly into his urethra.Fixed the eggs in the humbler I prerecorded the slaves cock with my Hitachi vibrator in addition.This excited him greatly.With my latex gloves I finally got him to the cumshot.In a high arc the semen landed on the latex.As a reward the slave was allowed to lick his cum from my gloves.

79367 - Sounding  training to eat sperm

107299 - Knock Out!

I had put out my boxing gloves again and striked a bimbo right to the mat. My Power-Punches hits him there where he get a very high voice afterwards. ;-) And? Would you like to be my next sparring partner? Then you have to spread your legs, Bimbo!

107299 - Knock Out!